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Founded in the year 1954, the company Wayne Dalton. Emmanuel Mullet created them. In the chase of providing quality customer service through their product. The company started as a classic garage door company. 

Through the years, it has turned into the leading garage door business. Therefore, the company has remained dedicated to expanding its product lines. Which made them into one of America’s largest door production companies today.

Now, Wayne Dalton offers its wide variety of universal products. Offering selection to feed the needs of the customers. From steel garage doors, custom wood, Aluminum and fibreglass. They have it all on their product lists for their garage door stock collection. 

Homeowners can choose from their wide range of door options and panel designs. And various colours to settle on, with the help of their TruChoice Custom Color System.

wayne dalton garage door

Why wayne dalton garage doors

Wayne Dalton’s product offerings are not limited to residential use. But also for industrial garage doors. Their Commercial Sectional Doors recommended for jobs that demand higher thermic performance. On the other hand, their Commercial Rolling Door offering consists of stand, service, security, roll-up and fire doors. 

Its rolling door category started from the best rolling door company. The Wayne Dalton company then acquired it in the year 1990. In this edition, they have continued providing high quality and excellent rolling doors in the market. Through the years, the company has grown its commercial door product. And have included High-Speed Doors in their stock line. 

These doors designed by the company from the ground up. With high-cycle and safety features that can use for both interior or exterior uses. Through its contractors, Wayne Dalton aims to maintain a supply chain standards policy to ensure the standard of its products.


Wayne Dalton is now known as one of the most massive door manufacturing company in the industry. With their vast collection of garage door product line. 

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