Residential Garage Door Repair Vs Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial Versus Residential Garage Door Repair

Residential garage door repair is a lot different from commercial garage door repair. Although many people are unaware of this, repairing a garage door can be a bit complex. It all starts with determining whether the garage door needing repairs is a residential door or a commercial one. Yes, garage doors that made for commercial and industrial facilities. These are often very different from standard garage doors made for homes. If you’re going to do repairs on your garage doors, you have first to know the type of door you have and how it is made. Let’s go over some main differences between the two types of garage doors.

The Hardware of Garage Doors

When you think of repairing a garage door, it usually involves repairs of some of the hardware involved. So there is little wonder that this is the case. The typical garage door is filled with all types of springs, coils. Including cables, and if any of them break or start to malfunction, the entire door often ceases to work. If you choose a sectional garage door, it usually is more powerful and more massive than other types.

Which means it likely requires much different hardware. Lots of hardware means lots of opportunities for something to go wrong.
For instance, the tracks used in commercial versus residential doors are very different. Residential doors usually use two inches in size. But commercial doors often use three-inch hardware instead. Also, the steel used in the tracks of a residential garage door is sometimes thinner and lighter than that used in commercial doors.

The spring system of the two-door types is also different. The spring system, also called the counterbalance system, has a lot to do with how many times per day you can open and close the doors. Since loading docks. For example, are often used 25 to 50 times per day, they need a super heavy-duty spring that can last up to 100,000 cycles. By comparison, residential doors use springs that last up to 10,000 cycles since they on average used twice a day.

What does this mean when you need to call someone in for a professional garage door repair job? It means the company you choose needs to have experience with commercial doors. If they don’t, and if they aren’t familiar with all the ways residential and commercial doors are different, the job is unlikely to be done. If you research the company beforehand, you should find out what type of garage doors they specialize in. and you’re even better off if they are experts in both styles.

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Other Differences Between Servicing Garage Doors

If you’re curious about other differences between commercial and residential garage doors. Here are a few examples for you to consider:

● Thickness. The thickness is usually 1 3/8” to 2” for residential doors. Whereas commercial garage doors have thicknesses of 1 3/8” to 3”.

● Designs. Commercial garage doors usually don’t offer as much variety when it comes to design as residential doors do. Since commercial entities usually consider the doors’ function more important than their looks.

● Materials. While residential garage doors made out of either wood or metal. Commercial doors tend to be metal regardless of their design or size.

☑️ Look For a Company With Experience

Again, a garage door repair company has to have experience in the type of door you need to be repaired. If they do, this means they have experience with all kinds of doors. From wood to metal, thick to thin, standard to fancy designs. Since the technician never knows what type of door you have. Or what is wrong with it until you let the company know. If they have expertise and knowledge to work on dozens of door types to please the customer work in the end.

An excellent residential garage door repair technician will have the tools, parts and experience to get the job done right. And once you find the right company, it can provide you with the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Are the Two Door Types Interchangeable?

If you’re considering purchasing a new garage door for your home or office. You may wonder if the two types are interchangeable. The answer to this depends on what kind of door you’re interested in and what type you have now. When you’re a commercial entity and you’re trying to save money by buying a residential garage door instead. It doesn’t work that way. Remember, each type of door is made to last through a certain number of uses. And residential doors are never going to last as long as you’ll need them to as a business owner.

☑️ Buying Commercial Garage Doors

Thus, some homeowners might be able to buy a commercial garage door, provided it isn’t too heavy or expensive. If you have an opening that is tall enough, some commercial garage doors might be able to accommodate you. Also, you need to keep in mind that certain types of commercial and industrial garage doors aren’t available to homeowners. For instance, the “electrical operator system.”

Normally, it’s easy to find this out by consulting with the company that sells or repairs garage doors. Yet, whatever type of door you have, you’ll need to let the company know before you call them. Some companies accommodate either residential or commercial maintenance, while other companies can handle both. You have to make sure their technicians can handle the job at hand.


The right garage door repairs depend on many things. But they rely on finding the right repair company. It’s good to know at least a few differences between residential and commercial garage doors. First, because this will help you understand why not all repair companies can handle all jobs. Moreover, it might help explain the costs for their services. Make sure you ask the company if they can handle the repairs you need to do. And the rest should be a breeze.