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Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Doors?

Replacing Garage Door Vs Repairing Garage Doors

Garage doors are only useful when they work correctly, so when yours is giving you any trouble, you have a decision to make: should you get the door repaired, or will it have to be replaced instead? As a homeowner, it may be challenging to decide which option will work best for you, but the good news is that you don’t have to make this decision alone. With a few pointers and tips, you can decide whether a good fix or a total replacement of the door will work best for you in no time, and it all starts with a few basic guidelines.

Before you decide whether to repair or replace your garage door, ask yourself a few simple questions, including:

How old is the garage door?

Which parts are giving you problems?

Can you still use the garage door?

In what condition is the garage door opener?

What is your budget?

All of these things will play into your decision of whether to repair or replace your garage door. That being said, there are situations where one or the other is your only choice simply because of the door’s condition. Nevertheless, in those situations where you can either replace or repair the door, you’ll need to ask yourself these questions before you make up your mind for sure.

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When to Repair Your Garage Doors

There are many situations when it is best to repair a garage door, especially when your budget is tight. Once you know what to look for, it’ll be a little easier to decide which option to choose. And below are some of the situations when a good repair job might be enough to get your garage door looking and to work great once again.

  • Suppose your garage door stops working suddenly. When your garage door stops working, it is often an isolated incident, which means there is nothing wrong with the entire door – a part of it. The first thing to do is change the batteries in your remote control and see if that works. Or, it could be a spring or cable that has broken or come loose. Again, when the garage door stops working out of the blue, it usually means that only a repair is needed.
Check your power unit to see if it’s working

If your batteries are right and you can’t get the garage door to open or close, it may be because the unit’s photo eyes are dirty or not correctly aligned. Your entry could also have some obstruction that prevents the unit from working correctly. Your unit may be old and need replacing, or the wall button’s low voltage wiring might be either loose or broken altogether. Or, your light bulb might need replacement. Most problems with the unit need a simple repair to get the garage door working again.

  • Suppose one of the panels is dented or otherwise damaged. Although replacing many or all panels may cost as much as replacing the door altogether, replacing one panel is usually inexpensive. The longer the door is damaged, the more likely it is that other parts of the door can become damaged, which means a total replacement may be necessary. That is why you need to replace the panel as soon as possible, making this a task considered somewhat urgent.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

Like fixing garage doors, replacing is sometimes the best option. depending on the circumstance. If you need a cable replaced or if the problem is much more severe. If you’re curious about when it’s best to throw in the towel and get a brand-new garage door. Below are some of the situations where this will work best for you.

Older garage doors don’t come with newer features such as child safety sensors. If this applies to you, it’s best to go ahead and get new doors instead of trying to repair them. New garage doors fit modern cars and have other advantages as well. So if you’ve had your garage doors for a long time and they are starting to show their age, you might as well get brand-new ones.

Suppose your garage door isn’t energy-efficient

Put, newer garage doors have better insulating materials and are easier on your utility bills each month. Older ones have less insulation or insulation that isn’t that great to begin with, and every time your garage doors are opened or closed, you lose a lot of money through the heat or cold. If you’re in and out a lot throughout the door, it’s better to replace a garage door because you’ll save money on your utility bills alone.

Suppose your garage door has severe damage

The fact is, if your garage door has too much damage. You’re better off replacing it altogether rather than trying to repair it. Severely damaged garage doors usually have lots of broken parts. And the damages may have even altered the way the door fits into your garage. It means it will never be reliable again. For damages that are too severe, go ahead and get a new garage door rather than trying to fix it.

Suppose your garage door has been inoperable for a long time

The longer a garage door remains broken, the more likely it will become irreparable. Thus, you’ll have to get a new one. At this point, there may be many things wrong with the door. Not one or two things – and this means that a brand-new door is always your best bet. Since it hasn’t been operable for a while, the chances are good that various parts have rusted. It became unusable, and it is both more comfortable and less expensive to go ahead and replace the door.

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