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Craftsman garage door opener is a leading brand of tools, workwear, garden, and lawn equipment. It is a Sears established house brand formerly but currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Craftsman found its place in the market through Sears’s stores in 1927, marking its beginning.

Craftsman brand was at a top score in trust and brand expectation in 2007. By 2009, it became a favourite and famous hand tools brand and listed in Reader’s choice awards. DIY Network and NASCAR have made them their official brand for tools.

The best thing about Craftsman openers is that it comes with an extended warranty. Sears regulated this unlimited warranty when they made it a house brand. What is an indefinite warranty? It means that you will need no dated purchase proof or receipt of purchase to get a repair done or a replacement for the product. It is done free of charge locally at any retail store.

Craftsman has established in premium quality very long. They launched re-engineered products, high performing tools, and historically reliable tools and products. They have been made more accessible to the users for purchase.

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Craftsman opener repair & Installation

Craftsman garage door opener brand made its entry in 1927 in the retail stores. Its electric drills introduced in 1929. They considered being rugged in construction, simple to handle, powerful, and well balanced. In 1932, the first vanadium steel wrench was made by this brand that was 200 percent strong and 50 percent thinner to its earlier models. By 1934, Lawnmowers were introduced by the brand at a cost-effective price over other competitive lawnmower models.

Craftsman brand has soon seen a rise in its sales by 1940. Many aircraft schools also began using these brand tools in their technical training. The brand has a crucial role in the building of airplane plant defence in the USA.

It has a significant role in industrial schools and defence areas by 1942. The company set up sales through a mobile truck with its merchandise, which was a huge success. By 1952, a 6.25-inch circular saw was seen for lumber cutting, and the subsequent year their riding mowers hit the road.

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