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Mega Garage Door is proud to provide quality garage door installation Toronto service. We offer great verities of garage doors and repairs and maintenance services. We are committed to the complete satisfaction of all clients approaching us for garage door repair in Toronto. As specialists and reliable garage door service Toronto, we boast decades of experience. 

Our experience, expertise and creativity impress all our customers, and they recommend our garage door installation Toronto service to their friends and peers. Branded garage doors and accessories, expert technicians and sophisticated tools and techniques make our garage door company Toronto the favourite one for millions of our customers.

We have been servicing Toronto garages since 1975. Our specialists are skilled at garage door installation and repairs, with quick response times and fair prices. That combined with our team of four service trucks, we can get your garage open in no time!

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Same Day Garage Door Service

Same-day garage door service is one of the special features of our garage door repair Toronto service. If you require repairing your garage door super fast, contact us today. Our garage door opener installation Toronto service is devoted to your complete satisfaction and ensures quick and efficient service to residential and commercial garages. Are you troubled by your damaged or broken garage doors? 

Call our emergency garage door repair Toronto service now. We will fix it, and you will receive complete peace of mind. The best garage door repair service ever! We are committed to solving any problem fast. You can schedule a convenient appointment with us and have 24/7 emergency assistance. We take care of everything from installation to broken springs.

Why choose us for Garage Door Installation, Repair and Service?

  • We are fully equipped to undertake any number of residential and commercial garage door repair Toronto at a time. Numerous vans fully stocked with spares and equipments are ready to come to your location at any time of the day.
  • We extend our service all over Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our engineers for garage door opener Toronto are qualified, experienced and ready to work at any location irrespective of the time you call for our service.
  • We have a dedicated, friendly and expert customer service, ready to respond to your queries for garage door Scarborough and other locations.
  • Being a reputed garage door repair Vaughan, our service is affordable, and we can provide you with all the spare parts required for repair at a cheap rate.
  • As a reliable garage door installation Toronto service, we provide high-quality garage doors from established and reputed manufacturers. We guarantee the safe and flawless working of your garage door for long years.


Mega Garage Door offers residential garage door and commercial garage door service calls in the greater Toronto area. Our qualified technicians master labour and provide excellent services. If your garage door breaks, it can wreak havoc on your life. But with the right business, you can receive that door back functional in no time. Among the many ways we’re trying to secure the home is the garage door. On the other side, the door is a location or part of a house that needs many repairs, maintenance, and adequate safety measures. If a home entry has a problem, you demand a garage door repair Toronto service that serves the greater Toronto area. There are many big players in the field, like Dodds garage door systems that offer garage door service. 

Contrary to what many people believe, garage doors can be complicated pieces of equipment. And if one part of those doors go awry, the entire door will be dysfunctional. Luckily, Mega garage door repair in Toronto is easy to find and always affordable. So it behooves you to call in the pros instead of trying to do the job yourself. We have years of experience in the repair of the garage door. Contact us for garage door repairs, find out how we can tackle any door repair garage issues. Door repair is usually looked at by our pros. Every minute you look for garage door repair, Mega Garage Door will show up on Google offering same-day garage door repair.

Doing the job yourself may end up being more trouble than it’s worth, especially since some of the coils, cables, and springs have to be the exact size and put in the right parts to function once they’re installed. Thus, experienced technicians who do this for a living can complete the job fast. But efficiently every time, and most of them will give you a free quote before any starting operate. It’s best to find experts to help with all garage door adjustments to save yourself both time and money. Because this makes it a worry-free job that you won’t have to think much about, this is one home-improvement decision you won’t regret.

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Expert garage door Spring
Repair Toronto

Garage door springs pull the door in the direction of the motor. Thus reduce the weight of that door. What happens when these springs within your garage door break? Nothing, meaning the door won’t operate anymore. That is the main reason why finding someone who can replace your springs is crucial when this happens to you. These aren’t your typical tiny springs, either. They are quite large, yet another reason why the pros always require to be called for any garage doors spring repair in Toronto. If anything goes wrong with your garage door spring, you deserve the excellent repair service possible. That is certain to happen if you do your due diligence and determine which company to call. There are so many types of garage doors, so you never know for sure what kind of spring is giving you trouble. The right company can help with this and have your garage doors free estimated and repaired on the same day.

Professional garage door Cable
Repair Toronto

The master cable repair team in Toronto has determined that the required maintenance involves damage to the door cable. The cable is attached to the roller, which located near the top of the garage door. Why is it so important that only expert maintenance personnel do maintenance? The door is hefty and very difficult to handle. Because the cable is placed both on the bottom of the door and on the roller, the cable is under high pressure and stress. The only person who knows what to do to perform the necessary adjustments is a pro technician. You won’t be able to use the garage door until you let Toronto’s cable repair technician go home to make the necessary repairs.

Best Garage Door Installation Toronto

If you require a new garage installed, you have a lot of options to choose from. Most companies that supply this product have all types of them available. From super-basic to super-fancy, and they can even be painted to match the décor of your home. The most important part of getting these doors installed. It is to make sure you have a reliable technician who has years of experience and can install all doors. 

So that in the end, they fit right and operate correctly. Choosing a high-quality, well-made garage door installation is crucial. But even more critical is your garage installation team. These well-trained experts can handle garage doors of all sizes and designs. So you can rest assured they’ll fit right and not let in any air or anything else. After all, garage doors protect the garage from the elements. 

Yet, this doesn’t happen if they are installed wrong or incorrect. In fact, for anything related to your garage door repair, it’s best to trust the pros. They have been through proper training and have the expertise and knowledge to install any entry type you choose for your garage. They labour hard to make sure your garage is well-protected after the door installation. Also, they operate fast so that you can move onto other household tasks. 

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All Garage Door Opener Repair
& Installation

Homeowners can earn our great service providers for opener repair and installation; we provide 24-hour service, with technicians in different regions to promptly serve customers. There are many types of services to choose from because our company has been around a long time – we got the years of industry experience under our belt! Also, using technology that guarantees efficiency levels on par with no other company.

Toronto Garage door has a lot of expertise in installing all the necessary anti-theft equipment. Hence, we recommend garage door openers to serve that need. Even if you’re away for a couple of days or in town after hiring a service provider, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home. Advanced facilities and technologies make it possible for you to prevent any external attack or attack.

Trying to fix your garage door openers is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. Because the job can be more complicated than many people realize. Each opener has a bunch of pieces that have to operate together for you to be able to enjoy it. It is sometimes difficult to know what gets the opener working right again. Garage door opener repair technicians work with all types of remotes and, they can make the adjustments you need.

Most of these repairs are much less expensive than you might think. You can usually receive an estimate right over the phone. If the remote for your garage door is working improperly, it’s best to go ahead and call the experts.

Get a quote whether you have a residential garage door or commercial garage door we fix it all. Toronto garage door, fix and replace new installation or door repair. Why use Dodds garage door systems for your local garage door repair? Our master technicians serve North York and Toronto offering a same-day service call. Contact us today and get the best garage door services.

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